Thursday, July 9, 2015

Grexit all but impossible !

A GREXIT would be a good lesson for Greece and a good lesson for Germany. It would force the Greeks to put their house in order, or starve, and it would show the Germans (and the Eurozone) -aside from trimming down their arrogance- how wrong (and vulnerable) they are about Greece having a small impact in the Eurozone whose demolishment would soon begin.

But unfortunately a Grexit is impossible due to Greece's strategic geographical location  now  that the Middle  East and Turkey are dissintegrating; indeed, there is more of a chance of Quebec eventually separating from Canada or the US South ceceeding from the Union (which may happen the way the US is going) than Greece abandoning the Eurozone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Κοτζιάς και οχι Χοντζέας

Μπορεί να ενημερώσει καποιος τους δημοσιογράφους οτι ο υπουργός εξωτερικών της Ελλάδος λεγεται Κοτζιάς και οχι Χοντζέας; Δυστυχώς ο Γιάννης Χοντζέας ειπε αυτα που είπε, τα οποία επιβεβαιώνονται αλλα δεν ειναι υπουργός εξωτερικών.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Κουρδιστές Πιάνων (

Greek Elections 2015 Gallop Poll !

The Leftist Syriza party seems to  be headed for a majority government if one takes into account the 50 seats bonus. Second comes New Democracy and a fight between the Extreme Right Wind Golden Dawn (whose leadership is all in jail) and "The River", a middle of the road kindof thing. The big loser seems to be the once predominant PASOK (the socialists) which once boasted levels over 40% and is now reduced to barely 4%. George Papandreou's (Former PM and PASOK leader) Kinima (movement) seems to be off the map insofar as Greek Parliamentary seats go.